A top priority for us at Subjecto is that everyone who does business with us is fully aware of how we respect, prioritize, and protect your privacy. Our mission is to ensure every customer receives the best experience and services that we offer. To do so, we have to gather data that will help us understand our customers better. We are devoted to informing you about how and why we gather, store, and use your information.

The only reason we collect your personal data is to ensure you, as the customer, are given the best individual experience. When you choose to use our services, we will collect contact information, location, subject, or grade level. We may also keep track of your activity on our website, to understand how you interact with it and what is your journey as our customer. The above list may not be complete, so please mark that there may be other information gathered.

Privacy Policy Goals

You, as the user of our services and our customer, are fully entitled to decide how we manage your personal data. The goal of this Privacy Policy is to help everyone understand they have full control over their data. The information we share in the policy is applied to anyone who uses our services and we urge you to read it fully, to avoid misunderstandings. You have the right to access, change, or even ask us to delete your information, at any point.

Users’ Age

All the services we provide at Subjecto are fully and only for adults over the age of 18. If a person who is a minor uses our services without us knowing, we urge you to let us know. Thus, we will never intentionally collect, store, or use the personal data and information of a person under the age of 18.

Personally-Identifying Data Collection

Our business model is based on full disclosure in terms of data collection, and we do not use any hidden tools or third-party services to collect your data without your consent. We only collect and store data containing your personal information with your consent, through the activities you make on our website. That includes you creating an account, signing up for our newsletter, contacting us, filling out an order form, reaching out to our customer support, etc.

We will receive your identifying data with these and similar activities you perform on our website and store it in order to use it in the future to provide you with the requested services. We follow strict security protocols and store your data in a way that protects your privacy and does not allow any third parties to use it.

Non-Identifying Data Collection

We also want to address collecting and storing non-identifying data that we use to improve the overall performance, navigation, and customer experience on our website. This data cannot be used to identify you in any way, and thus cannot jeopardize your privacy in any way. This is why we do not include you in the process of collecting such data.

Collecting and storing this non-identifying data is done through cookies and similar technologies, as well as through tracking orders, storing communication logs, tracking browser type, tracking device type, and information about site visits, such as timestamps and navigation.

This information is only for the use of Subjecto with the goal of improving our user experience. We may share it with a third party when they are assisting us to deliver this experience and provide our services.

Using Your Data

Our ultimate goal in terms of privacy protection is to collect your data in a way that will allow us to operate professionally and provide the services we offer, while also protecting and respecting your privacy. We aim to minimize our data collection efforts and only collect the necessary data. We also optimize the way we use them and do it specifically for the reasons stated in this policy. We only use your personal information to provide you with the selected services and contact you to carry out your order.

There are laws applied to the business that we need to comply with. Law enforcement or courts might demand that we collect or store your information.

Another reason to store our data is to improve our services and update our business model. We use our data records to prevent any kind of fraud or abuse. We also may use it to maintain a better relationship with you. For instance, we can use the data about your previous purchases to send you information about related services you may also need.

Third-Party Involvement

There are certain third parties that we cooperate with in order to provide you with our services. We do share some specific information with them but they are fully compliant with our privacy policy and are acting on our behalf. The third parties assist us with payment processing, marketing, customer service, email marketing, market research, etc. We only share the limited information they need to perform their tasks while working for us.

To make sure these third parties respect the privacy policy arrangement, we require each of them to sign a legally binding agreement. This agreement obligates them to protect your privacy and only use the information relevant to their activities. This agreement is also passed on to all of their employees, partners, and agents.

Communication Procedures

Our Privacy Policy also addresses the communication standards that we follow when reaching out to our customers. We use different communication means and channels to deliver relevant information to you. That includes sharing information about your purchase or notifying you about a special offer, product, or service.

We use the data from your previous orders to determine what information may be relevant to you. Then, we use one or more of the following means to communicate with you: sending emails, making phone calls, and sending text messages.

Your account settings allow you to opt-out of receiving these notifications. You can also adjust which notifications you do or don't want to receive. We will ask for your permission to share some of your data with third parties and our partners, and you are free to refuse to give it to us. Finally, you can even have your information deleted completely from our database, with the help of our customer service.

Data Analysis Tools & Services

We use analysis tools to collect non-identifying data to improve our UX design and our website in general. These tools help us to understand how customers interact with our business and what areas of this interaction may need improvement. We collect and store data such as search keywords you used to find our website, the amount of time you spent on it, or the type of content you consumed.

As defined in our Cookie Policy, we use cookies to identify your activity on our website and collect the data we need. These cookies allow us to remember you as a user. If you do not want to allow placing cookies on your computer, you can change the settings in our Cookie Policy.

Data Security

Subjecto is fully devoted to providing the best available technologies and protocols for data protection and security. We are continually working on employing new and updated technologies, to ensure your data is protected from any type of abuse, harm, or fraud.

As stated above, the only reason why we store your information is to provide the best possible user experience to you and carry out all agreed procedures. We may also be obliged to do so by law. In case you are concerned about the security of your data, you can contact our customer support.

Third-Party Websites

While browsing our website, you will find different external links leading to third-party websites. These websites do not comply with our Privacy Policy and we have no control over the way they collect or store your data. We urge you to learn about their privacy policies before clicking the link.

If you decide to click the link, you are doing it on your own responsibility.

Customers’ Right to Control Their Data

If you, at any point, decide you want to access and control the personal data that we collect and store, you have full right to do so. You can access the account setting on your personal account and change the information we’ve previously stored. You can also request that we delete all information regarding your activity on the website and your personal information.

In case your order is in progress, we will only be able to fulfill this request once the order is finished.

Privacy Policy Alterations

Our Privacy Policy is subject to changes and may be altered without us issuing a warning previously. We will make the information about the changes public and inform our users in a way we find to be the most suitable for each such change. Our users may be notified via their profiles on our website, an email, or a text message. We will also make room for the users to perceive and adjust to the changes, before making them officially applicable.

Customer Support

Our customer support is available to you 24/7 and will help you clear out any misunderstandings. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or dilemmas.

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