Our money-back guarantee entitles all our customers to reimbursements in case they are not satisfied with the services provided. Specific terms and conditions for requesting refunds are described below.

In case your claim does not fall under any of the categories below, you can submit your claim directly to our Support Team, explaining the nature of your request and specifying the amount of your claim.  

Order Cancellation

If, for any reason, you make a decision to cancel your order, the following compensation limits will apply:

  1. If you cancel your order before a writer is assigned, you are entitled to a full refund.
  2. If you cancel your order after a writer is assigned, you are entitled to no more than 70% of the amount paid. This is because Subjecto needs to compensate the assigned writer for the canceled order.
  3. If you cancel your order after a writer is assigned and more than half of the agreed period of performance has passed, you are entitled to no more than 50% of the amount paid.

Late Deliveries

If our writers miss the agreed deadline, you are entitled to a Time Delivery Difference Compensation. The specific amount of each claim is calculated on the basis of the actual length of time delay.  

For orders with a duration of 14 or more days, the compensation level is set at 7% of the order amount. No compensation is granted under any of the following circumstances:

  1. The customer’s actions or inactions were the direct cause of the delay. This includes late payments, failure to provide all required sources, or failure to reply to our queries or requests on time.
  2. The customer’s failure to receive completed papers on time because of the lack of internet access, malfunctioning software or hardware, or any other technical issues outside of our control.
  3. The customer unilaterally extends the agreed deadline.

Claims Related to Low Quality

Note: If your claim is related to a low quality of the paper, which you have already requested to be revised, your refund cannot exceed 70% of the order amount. By requesting a revision, you confirm that the submitted paper is partially acceptable, albeit pending revisions.

  1. If you are not satisfied with the submitted paper, you can request the Quality Assurance Team to launch an inquiry to determine the eligibility of your claim. You will be required to provide a detailed explanation of how the writer has failed to follow the provided instructions. Your claim will be accepted or rejected depending on the findings of the inquiry.
  2. The paper that is created by the Company is for reference purposes only and is not ready for any submission. If the claim for compensation is due to a bad grade, such cases will be investigated according to the comments on the content, produced by the Writer.
  3. If the claim is that the paper is unoriginal, a credible plagiarism report is required (preferably “Turnitin.com”).
  4. If your claim is related to an editing, proofreading, or formatting order, we will not accept the claim if it relates to the context or content. Please note that the editing, proofreading, and formatting services do not aim to deal with contexts or content.
  5. Subjecto does not accept claims related to orders with a 3- or 6-hour deadline. When you request minimal deadlines, you agree that the quality of the content may be slightly compromised due to a shortage of time.

Please bear in mind that when placing an order with minimal deadlines, you accept the terms and conditions listed on our website.

Order Details & Preferences

  1. Any Purchased Order Preferences are non-refundable as are inseparable from the initial product and service provided. The only exceptions are ‘Draft’, ‘1-page summary’ or ‘Originality report’ features, if they are not provided to the Customer in addition to the product.
  2. You can request the services of a preferred writer by adding his or her ID number to the order form. Please note that your order is still subject to availability. In case the preferred writer is not available, Subjecto reserves the right to identify and assign another writer to your order. In doing so, we make sure that the assigned writer offers matching qualifications and expertise that are equivalent to those of the originally requested writer. We credit refunds of the amounts paid for the preferred writer to your account, and you can use them when placing your next order with Subjecto.
  3. Subjecto offers no compensation for the discounts you have not been able to utilize. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of order information, including the application of any discounts available or offered to you. Please reach out to our Support Team to find out if you are eligible for any discounts before placing your order.

Submitting a Refund Claim

In Order to submit a compensation request, the Customer must contact the Support Team within 6 months after the Order was completed.

The Billing Department representative requires up to 2-5 days to review the request, and provide the resolution to the Customer over the phone or by e-mail. In certain cases, the Customer's claim may be reviewed immediately or within a shorter time period.

Subjecto may request additional details to process your claim in a fair and substantiated manner.

Processing a Refund Claim

Once you are notified that your refund claim has been approved, you will receive your refund within 5 business days following receipt of confirmation. You cannot hold Subjecto responsible for any applicable bank transfer fees, additional charges by intermediaries, or delays related to wire transfers.

We do not process refunds with a total amount of less than USD 10 (ten). Amounts of $10 are insufficient to cover the cost of transaction and transfer fees, so it does not make sense to process them. If you are entitled to refunds of $10 or less, the amounts will be credited to your account, which you can use when placing your next order with Subjecto.

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