1. Understanding the Terms of Use

1.1 All Terms and Conditions of the contract, including, but not limited to, roles, responsibilities, and payment schedules, are reflected in this document, henceforth referred to as “Agreement”.

1.2 Subjecto.com, henceforth referred to as “The Company”, “Subjecto”, or “Subjecto.com”, is responsible for providing academic writing services.

1.3 “Customers” or “Clients” refer to the person or persons who wish to avail of services from Subjecto. Customers can take advantage of the company's services by submitting a service order request on the Company’s website and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement.

1.4 “Messaging System” is an uninterrupted communication channel between the Customer and the Company or Customer Support agents.

1.5 When a customer raises a service order request for a “Product”, that is considered an “Order”. Orders must mention the requirements of academic writing and sources that can be used for reference.

1.6 “Product” is the key deliverable output of an order. It is an original digital document that meets the requirements raised by a Customer.

1.7 “Product Revision” refers to the activity of modifying the Product to fit the original requirements of the Customer with more precision.

1.8 “Customer Support” pertains to human resources responsible for coordinating and assisting customers while placing an order.

1.9 “The Writer” refers to freelance writers employed by the Company. The Writer is responsible for product delivery.

1.10 “Personal Credit Balance” accounts for credit value the Company stores on behalf of a Customer. A Customer can use his/her “Personal Credit Balance” to cover the product costs.

1.11 “Affiliate Program” is a special initiative meant for existing Customers of the Company.

2. Registration and Placing an Order

2.1 Customers must visit the Subjecto.com website to place an order. Subjecto provides Customers access to Customer Support in case customers need any assistance while placing an order.

2.2 Customers must specify the complete scope of work, terms of delivery, details of the order, and all special instructions (if applicable) while placing an order. The full and final responsibility of communicating the order requirements (either via filling out the form or by sharing them with the “Customer Support” who is assisting a customer in placing the order) rests with the Customer.

2.3 Besides placing their Order, Customers must also register a profile on the Subjecto website. Customers must provide their name, phone number, email address, and country of residence during the registration process. Customers are additionally responsible for ensuring that their details in the Company database are up-to-date.

2.4 Registration is a one-time-only activity. Customers can reuse their registered account while placing subsequent orders on Subjecto.com. Customers are advised to use a single account as the point of contact for all communications deemed necessary with the Company. Subjecto.com retains the right to merge multiple accounts created by a single customer to streamline data management and Order history.

3. Payment of Order

3.1 Invoice values for each Order are calculated individually to ensure that pricing adheres to the Company’s pricing policy. All invoices must be paid 100% in advance before the commencement of work. Failure to clear invoices will delay the timelines at which the Company can start processing the order.

3.2 Exceptions to the above rule can be evaluated case-by-case if a customer wishes to pay in installments. However, the following criteria must be met:

  • The minimum value of the Order should be $500.
  • The maximum number of acceptable payment installments is 4.
  • The initial payment must be completed immediately after the order is placed. A Customer will receive a payment link to assist him/her with the payment.
  • A customer will receive Order deliveries subject to completion of payment only. The Company reserves the right to withhold the complete handover of the final Product until such a time when the payment is complete.

3.3 The Company accepts payments through multiple channels, including but not limited to Credit Cards, Wire Transfers (such payments may take 3-14 days to process), and/or Personal Credit Balances. Customers must factor in the time taken for payment completion while choosing their mode of payment to ensure a smooth handover of the Product to the Customer. In case a transaction fails, customers are encouraged to review their card balance, look into any possible online payment restriction set forth by their bank, and inspect the validity of their card prior to approaching the Company’s Customer Support for help.

4. Discounts

4.1 Each Customer is entitled to discounts by virtue of the Company’s Loyalty Program and Promotional deals. This is an equal access opportunity provided to all customers.

4.2 The minimum invoice value of the purchase to be eligible for any discount is $25 (i.e. USD 25).

4.3 To avail of the discount, a buyer must insert it in the “Discount Code” field when placing his/her order. Incorrect, expired and misplaced discount codes shall not be accepted. It is the Customer’s responsibility to apply the discount code correctly to avail of a discount.

4.4 Each customer is entitled to a one-time-only “First-time Discount” applicable for the first purchase made by a customer.

4.5 More than one discount cannot be applied to a single order.

5. Personal Credit Balance of Customer

5.1 “Personal Credit Balance” is a type of virtual credit. Customers can accrue his/her Personal Credit Balance by depositing money into their profiles.

5.2 One USD is equivalent to One Credit.

5.3 Money is never deposited to a Customer’s Personal Profile without the explicit consent of the Customer. Customers are advised to note that money, once deposited to a Customer’s Personal Credit Balance, is deemed non-refundable and may only be used to fund orders.

6. Process of Ordering

6.1 Validating an Order. To make sure that the requirements of the Customer match the Order details, the Company has the right to check the Order information. Any extra requirements mentioned by the Customer in the order form or via an external communication channel are also included here. In any case of mismatch, Customer Support will reach out to the Customer for clarification and finalize the details.

6.2 Volume of Orders. The volume of orders is defined by words, according to company standards. For example, 1 page with double-spacing equals 275 words, whereas 1 page with single-spacing equals 550 words.

6.3 Changing Order Details. Customers may contact Customer Support to request changes in the Order. However, any extra changes that affect the volume, complexity, or deadline to fulfil the Order may need extra payment, which will be finalized with the Customer.

6.4 Resources. Any particular resources needed to complete an Order should be supplied to the Writer by the Customers. They should upload the document(s) before the writer is assigned to avoid delays in delivery. In case the resource is given to the Writer later, extra time will be needed to fulfil the Order.

6.5 Communication. Customers can reach out to their writers using the Messaging system that is accessible to them through their profile on the website. To access this page, the Customer will have to visit their Order webpage on the top right. Similar in features to email, the messaging system on the website provides Customers with a secure line of communication to use whenever they need to. Customers can also reach out to Customer Support at any time of the day through chat, email, or phone.

6.6 Tracking Progress. Customers can keep track of their Orders by visiting the order page on their personal profile. They may also do so by contacting the Writer or Customer Support through the mentioned avenues.

6.7 Delivery of Order. The company has a responsibility to deliver the Order at the stipulated time. Deadlines are to be followed strictly. However, in cases of any delays because of the complexity of the assignment, Customer Support has to inform the Customer in advance. Finished Orders can be downloaded by customers from their personal profiles on the website. The Customer has the responsibility of downloading the Order on time. In case of failure to download on time due to technical problems, the Company is not to be held accountable.

7. Revision of Order

7.1 The Customer has the right to request free modifications to his/her order during the 14-day period after it has been delivered. If they need any revisions done after this period, they will have to pay an additional amount that varies depending on how complex the changes are.

7.2 Customers can request a revision by submitting a feedback form or the “Any Improvements Required? option on the website. They can access this page through their personal profile.

7.3 Free modifications can only be given if the guidelines provided to the writer initially match the guidelines in the revision request. If there is a disconnect between the two, the Company can seek additional payment to fulfil the revision request to the best of its ability.

7.4 The deadline for a revision request can not be less than the deadline mentioned in the Initial Order form.

8. Product Usage

8.1 Orders created by Subjecto are not meant to be submitted or published as Customers’ original work. The main objective of the Order is to be used as a sample or reference template for their original work.

8.2 The Company rigidly follows all laws related to Copyright. Any Customer actions that oppose this are their own responsibility if they disregard the Company's Terms & Conditions.

9. Affiliate Program

9.1 Customers who are registered on the Company website have the opportunity to take part in the Company's Affiliate Program, which offers them Credit for getting friends and acquaintances to sign up and place Orders. The Customer can find more information on this Program in their personal profile.  

10. Other Provisions

10.1 Complete Terms and Conditions that outline the rights, as well as obligations of the Customer and Company, are outlined in this Agreement. The statements, clauses, and promises listed in this document solely are considered binding and valid. On agreeing to the Terms and Conditions listed in this Agreement, the Customer forgoes all other previously discussed Agreements and/or communications in verbal or written format.

10.2 If any parts or statement of the Terms and Conditions conflicts with any state law, the Customer agrees that it will not impact the rest of the document. The rights and obligations of the Customer will be followed as outlined in the other terms of the Agreement.

10.3 The Company is physically located in its head office in Cyprus (CY), and all the terms of the Agreement, its performance, and interpretation are governed by the laws of the mentioned location.

11. Limitation of Liability

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement, the Customer promises to release and not hold any of the parties, including the Company, its employees, officers, shareholders, agents, directors, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, promoters, advertising and media agencies, third-party service providers, data or legal advisers (the "Company's Affiliates") sources of information responsible for damages, rights, losses, claims, or actions of any category that arise from or are linked to the products, including but not limited to:

  • electronic problems associated withtelephone, software or hardware, internet, email, network, or computer challenges or failures of any kind;
  • incomplete, garbled, or failed computer broadcasting;
  • conditions or situations caused by events that are not within the control of the Company that might affect the Product by corrupting, disrupting, or delaying it;
  • any losses or damages occurring due to a connection with or because of utilizing the services;
  • any typographical or printing mistakes in documents and materials connected with the service.

12. Dissertation Writing Services

12.1 The Customer must be able to provide clear deadlines that outline their requirements for the dissertation order so that the Company can complete it on time. The 'End Date' to submit can not fall beyond 8 months from the date of Order placement.

12.2 In case the dissertation has to be written and classified into Chapters, each Chapter must have a clear set deadline for the Writer to follow. 12.3 In case the dissertation has to be written and delivered in Chapters, the Customer has to approve each Chapter before the Writer proceeds to work on the next one. Without the explicit approval of the Customer, the Writer can not continue working on the dissertation.

13. Amendments

The Customer agrees that the Company has the right to alter the Terms and Conditions outlined by the Agreement as and when required. These alterations will be posted, but Customers are strongly advised to check back with these pages on a regular basis.

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