When you visit our website, you are immediately notified that Subjecto uses cookies, web beacons, and some other technologies that they need to accept to make the most of our services and information. This applies to our services provided through the website, app, messaging, and other tools. It is also irrespective of whether you engage with Subjecto as an individual or as a company representative.

Please review the paragraphs below to find out how and why we use the above technologies. We made every effort to make them informative, thorough, and comprehensive. Should you have further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

We also encourage you to go through our policies and Terms of Use.

Web Beacons, Cookies, And Other Related Technologies

The moment you visit subjecto.com/ or any other website, a number of small files start downloading on your device, whether it is your desktop, laptop, mobile device, tablet, or any other gadget. These files are designed to help the host website track your interactions with company websites and apps. Generally referred to as ‘cookies,’ they help keep track of your engagement with the company through the above devices. Learn more about the types of specific cookies used.

Persistent Cookies: These types of cookies are the most durable ones. Persistent cookies will not automatically disappear when you leave the website. They stay longer to store information about your preferences and online behavior. Persistent cookies also store information that is accessible to other websites too.

Session Cookies: As the name suggests, session cookies are only active during your session. They disappear as soon as you leave the website.

Third-Party Cookies: These cookies are downloaded by third parties, so you need to watch out for them. They are never downloaded by the host website.

First-Party Cookies: By contrast, first-party cookies are downloaded by the website you visit. The information about your preferences is maintained after you leave the website. It is easy to identify first-party cookies. When you return to a website you have already visited before, it might automatically use your name and preferences because that information has already been stored. That happens because first-party cookies were downloaded the first time you visited the site.

Web Beacon: These files were created to identify returning users. They work together with the other types of cookies. Web Beacons gather and store anonymous information and data related to users’ online behavior.

Other Technologies: Some of the other technologies include HTML5 cookies, Flash cookies, local storage items, data shared across browser sessions, and many more. Individual browsers do not manage or handle these technologies. Rather, they are kept by devices and apps themselves. As Subjecto, we do not use these technologies to collect information in order to target specific individuals or audiences.

We Use Cookies With Your Consent

It is important to remember that no website can function effectively unless it uses some combination of the above cookies and technologies. But we never use them without your permission. That’s why we ask customers to provide their consent when they visit our website. The cookies thus enable them to make the most of Subjecto’s offers, messaging features, and customized services. If you are reluctant to have cookies installed on your device, you can simply set your browser settings so as to block cookies and technologies.

Some websites using cookies ask customers to provide personal data, including their names, email addresses, birthdays, and preferences. If you agree to provide this information, cookies will store the data for future use. When you return to the website later, the applicable cookie will be activated to recognize you and your preferences.

Cookies and Web Beacons Used by Subjecto

Subjecto uses cookies and technologies for a reason. As noted above, they were designed to facilitate more effective functioning of websites. We use them to make sure that our customers get the best of our services and website features. What’s more, cookies and beacons have some added benefits, as described below.

Bluntly speaking, you cannot simply get along without using some of the cookies and beacons. Without them, it is difficult to navigate websites, explore all pages, or review order information. When the related cookies are disabled, you cannot access many services. Hence, there is a difference between the types of cookies that improve functionality and user experience and those that store user data. You should definitely accept the first type of cookies, referred to as performance cookies, to get the maximum benefit from our services. If you choose to block them, you will experience glitches when you visit different pages, download files, or look for information.

Performance cookies never gather and store user data. Instead, they were designed to collect information about your visit to see if you have experienced any issues in accessing our services or browsing the website. Performance cookies help enhance the usability of our services and the website overall. They also provide important clues on how users navigate the website to be able to improve the related features for a greater user experience. To be able to benefit from improved functionality, you need to accept cookies. If you don’t, you will face persistent problems, errors, and security-related issues.

First And Third-Party Advertising Cookies: These types of cookies are designed to provide ads, content, and product- and service-related information to customers. The cookies help make ads visible on multiple websites. We can thus tailor our offers to match your needs and interests. Subjecto also relies on these cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Sometimes, Subjecto outsources some of its services to third parties who may be offering some content and tools. These are authorized entities that might download cookies and beacons on your device. Their cookies are known as third-party cookies, and they also collect information about your device and IP address.

If you do not want to download cookies and other technologies, you can simply block them in your browser. Visit the links below to learn more about managing and blocking cookies:

The downside of blocking cookies is that you might experience issues when navigating the website. Many websites, including subjecto.com, cannot function properly without using cookies. Remember that you can not entirely get rid of cookies by just deleting them. They will be installed again every time you visit the website.

Make sure you understand how the browser you use is managing cookies.

If you want to block cookies at any time after you provide your consent, you will need to manually delete and block the installed cookies.

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